Caring Friends Network is focused on community development through adult literacy, job training and life skills coaching. Our ultimate goal is to empower community residents and Adult English Language Learners to better understand important job and life skills to draw out their best character and unique contribution to society. Our desire is to collaborate with Adult Basic Ed Administrators and Public Health Administrators who are already working on the front lines. We desire to help the community based business owners of Bloomington who have communicated that they are lacking qualified applicants.

We have been involved with the Bloomington Public Schools since 2013 tutoring adult learners and English Language Learners (ELL) as they pursue their High School Diploma or GED. We have also seen a great need in tutoring for Adult ELL students as they are attempting to receive their driver’s license. In addition to tutoring in the public school setting for this, we have created All Nations Drivers Training to provide behind the wheel instruction as well as time at a driving simulator that we have set up. Caring Friends is partnering with All Nations Drivers Training to provide proctors to sit with individuals as they take a spin in the simulator, utilizing this time to build relationships to further personal development.